All of us in our lives have opinions on different subjects, and that is our given.  We all conduct ourselves differently than the next person in line; and we, at times just want to SCREAM!!!!!

Here are some of mine!

Just because you’ve attended college, does not mean you’re intelligent!

Can you stop your yapping with the customer about True Blood and move the line quicker – I’ve got places to go and who cares who Sookie is banging now?  I gotta pee, and it will be right here!

Who cares what YOUR favorite cake is, mine is something totally different and if I want to make it so be it!!!  Are you eating my cake?

Just because you think you’re intelligent doesn’t mean you’re smart!

I don’t want to be a size 0 damn it – I like looking like a woman with breasts, a derrière, and a waist line – if you want me to look like a boy go date one!

You’re an asshole, and self-realisation does not make it okay to continue being one!

If the listed price is $10 bucks then you NEED to give it to me, don’t give me crap about well, hmm, we forgot to take down the sign – not my problem, just give it to me for $10.

You know what, just because you were in a similar situation doesn’t mean you were in my situation!  Hence the word “similar.”

You’re only twenty (20) what that hell do you know about life?  Give me a break and go get a job instead of living off of mommy and daddy!

The problem here is you still cut me off, and could have killed me or a whole bunch of other people!  You may not have respect for your life, but dude, I respect mine!

Stop complaining about your kids – find a way to teach them not to be selfish – take away their electronics!

The world, SERIOUSLY, does not revolve around you and you need to realize that there are other assholes in the world thinking they’re No. 1 too!

Trust is an issue!  It’s either you earn it or you give it!

I don’t want to compete with you about who’s family has more people attending Thanksgiving, I don’t rightly care!  I just care about making my cornbread!

If you’re going to keep complaining about the job, start looking and get a new one!  What about those people that don’t have one – complain to them about your job!  That’s what I do!  No seriously, I do.

I don’t care about what your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend did – this is a new relationship, run it as such!  Keep your baggage under your bed!

I don’t care if I don’t seem like a happy go lucky bride!  Dealing with this crap!  I’m not a Bridezilla either – oh, get a clue, these people get paid to act like asses! 

Just because I don’t orgasm with you doesn’t mean it’s me!!!

Give me a break!

It’s called manipulation and can you stop!!!!

JUST SCREAM SOMETIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!  It opens up your Throat chakra!