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Got Sale?

This is a little late, I wanted to get it out during the Valentine’s sensation, but I got behind.  (Be nice Russell!)

Ever notice how many sales there are, I mean come on Macy’s got the corner on the Wednesday sales; and every other store has it on the weekends.

Probably Christmas and Valentine’s, especially the phenomenal sales of Black Friday (Thanksgiving weekend – just for you non shoppers).  But wait it doesn’t stop there, with the invention of internet shopping, after Black Friday there is the one and only CYBER MONDAY sales! Those are the leading sales, at least in America, maybe elsewhere too!

But, where are the Rosh Hashanah sales, or the Yom Kippur sales, hey anyone ever noticed a Ramadan sale?  I haven’t seen one Diwali sale either!

Why is it that only the Presidents get sales, or the Christian holidays?  Come on don’t people get gifts during the eight days of Chanukah?  Really – there’s no market for gift giving on that one?  Traditionally, aren’t kids supposed to get gifts for each day of Chanukah and then there’s one big gift?

There’s an Easter sale – gotta get those hats folks!

Seriously, Easter isn’t a gift giving day, nor is President’s Day so why the big sales?  Commercialism?

Does that mean that Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur Ramadan and Diwali aren’t big commercial holidays?

Why have certain holidays been diminished to just sale days instead of the traditional honoring of the holiday?

What’s wrong with this picture folks; when buying is more celebrated than the tradition?

Oh, yes, you are buying yourself a gift the big flat screen TV, because Santa can’t get it for you, nor can the Easter Bunny – hmmm.

Well, my birthday is October 15th  — where’s my sale day?

Holidays should not be celebrated by how much one can purchase, it should be celebrated by your faith, the tradition and the meaning of it – not by the dollar.

Valentine’s is a big SALE time – it has been demoralized by the greed of the companies, and for that matter, so are the other holidays.  Seriously, it’s never too late to write about the greed of companies to line their pockets with gold at the expense of the populace.

It’s just darn wrong!

So folks, next time on Valentine’s Day or any other big time celebrated holiday, why not make your loved one a gift, a card, something from your heart instead of your pocket.  It will make for a sweeter Valentine.


I never really liked…

How many times have we said “I never really liked” a particular person or persons?  The strange thing is the illusion of assuming that we are liked and the other person isn’t.  Ego.

 Yes folks our Ego keeps us thinking that we are liked.

 This isn’t about the Ego.

 The one realistic truth is that it is harder to like someone than to love them.

 It’s hard to find someone that we like all of their traits.  Of course, like any relationship, there is a honeymoon phase; however, after spending lots of time within the relationship we find that there are some characteristics that just don’t appeal to us; or isn’t our mirror image (Ego). 

 Quite frankly, we all overlook our own faults; which make us seem perfect in our rosy colored eyes.

 Yet, we  might dislike someone but love them to death; they are the most incredible creatures we’ve met, but there’s still a thingy that doesn’t sit well within our own personality about theirs, and it’s okay, because we love them.

 Eventually, with the dislike of a person, we ease way from them, in little circular movements – we eventually spiral out of their lives.

 Wait, but what about our family – do we spiral out of their lives too?

 Yes, we do.  It’s not as obvious, but eventually, we start having less and less interaction with them.  It’s a little hard with siblings and parents, but it’s done.  The crazy thing is we don’t like to tell our family what it is about them that annoys us. 

I remember a conversation with my brother and he was referring to one of our siblings.  He said he was just fed-up and he was a grown man and would say and do as he chose because at his age, he was tired of trying to make everyone happy and if they didn’t like it f-them!  This sibling like the rest of us, is controlling and would like things her way; but the reality is – no.  You know what, my brother and sister love each other terribly and they would jump in front of a bullet for each other.  My brother lives in the outer area of New Jersey far away from the rest of the family in Brooklyn.  We rarely see him and he has spiraled out of our lives, but still circles around because of our mother.  Eventually, I am sure it will get less frequent; that’s the reality.

 Never really liking someone is not a problem, because we don’t have to completely disregard them if they are important in our lives.  What we learn is that in all relationships, we grow and move on.  We will meet people or family members that don’t really have traits that appeal to us; so we take the higher road, look beyond and realize even we have faults that aren’t liked by many; but at least we will always be loved.

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are always stressful; especially when people ask, “What is your NYR?”  (voice of one of the lollipop twins) We feel pressured to say what they are or even if we have them.

 Here are a few that are worthwhile.

Complete.  I want to complete all my projects and promises, even the little ones for myself and others; I believe it will make me feel accomplished.

Peace.  I want peace; and have decided that I will attempt not to stress about the things I can’t change, but allow God and the Universe to work the magic for me; and it will be hard, but I will try to accomplish peace.

Smile.  I will make an effort to smile more, especially at strangers – it will help keep the wrinkles down!

Touch.  I will try to keep in touch with my family and friends, especially those that have slipped my mind – a simple email, text or call can bring a smile to us all; and it will be a worthwhile accomplishment to my life – getting in touch with others.

Share.  I will try to share as much as I can with family and friends, whether it is personal happiness or sadness, because we all need a shoulder to dance on or sit and hang our heads.

Breathe.  I will try to stand still and breathe in deeply and not hold my breath or until I’m blue; but exhale at all times!!

I want to be completely peaceful and share a smile, or  touch someone’s heart and breathe a little this new year!

Moments of Happiness

Today, as I sat on the bus disliking my commute, well actually being on the stinky bus, I saw a really great moment of happiness.

The bus pulled along side of a yellow school bus. I casually looked out the window to witness a little girl with black hair, a pink and red head band holding her hair out of her eyes. She wore a cute little pink coat and looked so darling.

She was digging for gold!

Yes, folks she was picking her nose so intensely, I thought she was trying to touch her brain.

She then pulled her finger out of her nose (I was unable to see if anything was there), and then she wiped her finger on the school bus window; leaving a snail trail on the window, while displaying the most incredible smile possible – it was her moment of happiness!

Writing down the bones!

Writing down the bones – a great book by Natalie Goldberg.

I learned about the blankness that intrudes upon our brains that does not allow us to think when it comes to writing – commonly known as writer’s block. NG suggests grabbing a ream of paper and just writing, not real thought process, just write. I have several times made the mistake of ditching my thought pads – I jot down a subject I would like to write about with a couple of pros and cons and take it from there.  However, if you toss the book out, you’ve got nothing.

I, like every creative creature on Earth, would like to create the world over – but sometimes it’s really hard to grasp at a concept that actually allows you to complete the whole sphere.

If we think about it, not all the great writers are great! Some people don’t like Hemingway (enjoy his stuff), he’s a rambler. What of George Sand, Marguerite Duras , the Bronte sisters, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Edgar Allen Poe, Plato, Socrates, Bob Dylan, Stephen King and many others; hey even the guy who wrote that very popular book about The Da Vinci Code (didn’t read much of it, wasn’t that well written); hey truly, A Perfect Storm – did you ever read that book – long winded and boring! The movie, way better than the book!

Sometimes, people just write, whether there is a purpose or not – we write; whether a song, a poem, a blog entry or a book, we write; and that’s okay. We don’t have to be brilliant, we don’t have to become one of the giants, we can just be and continue writing down the bones, because as writers in all facets of life, that’s what we all do – write.

First Contact

How does one go home after having an argument with their spouse in the morning?

It doesn’t really make for a good day.

You just seemed to be on autopilot throughout the day. Doing work and keeping busy while slivers of memories of a two minute argument intrude upon you; which actually makes for a longer argument — eight hours a day!

First contact never made.

He or she is just as busy and as you.

How can you go home and pick up where you’ve left off?

Me, I can’t.

I missed his silly kisses goodbye and the funky little hug.

What’s more important than the argument?

The silly kisses goodbye and the funky little hug; with the I love you rolling off his tongue; that’s what I want to go home to.

All of us in our lives have opinions on different subjects, and that is our given.  We all conduct ourselves differently than the next person in line; and we, at times just want to SCREAM!!!!!

Here are some of mine!

Just because you’ve attended college, does not mean you’re intelligent!

Can you stop your yapping with the customer about True Blood and move the line quicker – I’ve got places to go and who cares who Sookie is banging now?  I gotta pee, and it will be right here!

Who cares what YOUR favorite cake is, mine is something totally different and if I want to make it so be it!!!  Are you eating my cake?

Just because you think you’re intelligent doesn’t mean you’re smart!

I don’t want to be a size 0 damn it – I like looking like a woman with breasts, a derrière, and a waist line – if you want me to look like a boy go date one!

You’re an asshole, and self-realisation does not make it okay to continue being one!

If the listed price is $10 bucks then you NEED to give it to me, don’t give me crap about well, hmm, we forgot to take down the sign – not my problem, just give it to me for $10.

You know what, just because you were in a similar situation doesn’t mean you were in my situation!  Hence the word “similar.”

You’re only twenty (20) what that hell do you know about life?  Give me a break and go get a job instead of living off of mommy and daddy!

The problem here is you still cut me off, and could have killed me or a whole bunch of other people!  You may not have respect for your life, but dude, I respect mine!

Stop complaining about your kids – find a way to teach them not to be selfish – take away their electronics!

The world, SERIOUSLY, does not revolve around you and you need to realize that there are other assholes in the world thinking they’re No. 1 too!

Trust is an issue!  It’s either you earn it or you give it!

I don’t want to compete with you about who’s family has more people attending Thanksgiving, I don’t rightly care!  I just care about making my cornbread!

If you’re going to keep complaining about the job, start looking and get a new one!  What about those people that don’t have one – complain to them about your job!  That’s what I do!  No seriously, I do.

I don’t care about what your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend did – this is a new relationship, run it as such!  Keep your baggage under your bed!

I don’t care if I don’t seem like a happy go lucky bride!  Dealing with this crap!  I’m not a Bridezilla either – oh, get a clue, these people get paid to act like asses! 

Just because I don’t orgasm with you doesn’t mean it’s me!!!

Give me a break!

It’s called manipulation and can you stop!!!!

JUST SCREAM SOMETIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!  It opens up your Throat chakra!

Rubbers, a quickie!

I seem to recall using rubbers at a very early age, however, not really liking it.  My mother would make me wear them, and while all the other kids wore them, I still didn’t like them.  Thank goodness it was short lived!

In the last couple of years, rubbers have made a comeback and everybody and their mother has a them!  It’s so trendy!!

They no longer look plain and yellow.  They are blue, green, stripped, bustling with flowers, and ducks, florescent orange, fur lined, laces and zips!

Winter is ending and I have to, with regret, put my favorite winter boots away – it saddens me.  I have switched into my regular leather, waterproof boots.  Damn!  I’m tired of wearing boots up to my neck!  So I decided, I’ll look for booties.  For those of you not familiar with the term “booties” they are boots that top off at the ankle.

Those of you who know me well, knows I don’t go shopping, however, I’m an online shopper!

So I venture off into cyberspace to my favorite shoe site Zappos.  I start looking through the boots.  I came across a really cute pair of boots, they were rubbers.  Nope, but then again, let me take a look, maybe, just maybe.  HECK NO!!!!!

These new fangled rubber boots start at $56 bucks!  As I scrolled through, I came across, La Canadienne for $136Marc Jacob rubbers for $150, Hunter (what on earth is Hunter?) it’s still $150, Burberry for checks, $195;, then the most expensive on the site was Marvin K going for a mere $298.  What the hell is wrong with this picture?

It’s rubber and take away the cute designs and stuff, it’s still rubber.  Are you people mad?  It’s  bloody rubber boots!!!!  These companies are out of their mind!  Those who are even more so insane are the people purchasing rubber boots at these prices – it’s irrational!!!

I’m now in my later years, and while I thought it would be practical, with these prices, I still don’t like rubbers!

Wait, Weight WAIT!

 Everyone gains weight.  It doesn’t matter your body type, your blood type, ethnicity or gender, you’re going to gain weight; just you wait!

 Although, here’s one of the things that bothers me. 

 People who have been portly all their lives can handle going from a size 10 to 12, etc.  However, when they hear people who are under the size 10 declare that they are gaining weight, instantly they think those peeps are either insane or anorexic.

Anorexia is an obsession and a disease.

Weight should not be stereotyped based on an individual’s size.

Thin people get chastised for saying they’re now a size 6 or 8 and need to lose weight.

But wait – there’s more.

The crux of it is this:  no matter what size you are a 2, 4, 5, 10, 13, 14, etc., we all gain weight, and while people may not consider someone who is a size 2 gaining weight and now wearing a size 4 or 6, it’s still gaining weight.

Everyone needs to realize that WE ALL gain weight and should not criticize others because they see themselves as becoming uncomfortable in their waistline; and need to lose pounds. 

Scientist have found that if there are no variation in a person’s health, and coupled with exercise, people will still gain weight as they age, it’s just the way of life.  As humans, we all age and our metabolism slows down, therefore, we will gain weight.  It’s about the human metabolism.

So the next time, before any of us open our mouths to give someone grief when they start announcing that they are gaining weight, just stop — wait a minute — think about it.  We all gain weight at any point and time in our lives — it is inherent.

Valentine’s Day Lesson?

Some of you have read my piece on Valentine’s Day and in my opinion it’s just a commerical holiday.

Well my fiancé and I, earlier in our relationship talked about Valentine’s Day. We both agreed that it was another holiday geared to suck the monies out of the populace. Perfecto! I love him!

What I did not realize, is that although we felt the same about the financial rape on our pockets, he might enjoy celebrating V.D.

This morning was when it all occurred.

I walked into the kitchen to finish my coffee and he was drinking his smoothie. As I stood in front of him he said “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and leaned over and gave me a kiss. I returned the sentiment and realized, I never gave him a chance to tell me about his feelings on V.D.

It is possible that he might enjoy V.D. and I stifled his celebration of the day and possibly preventing myself from enjoying all sorts of wonderful deeds?

Truly, my feeling remains the same, Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday which celebrates the pockets of the card makers, chocolate factories, jewelry exchange shops and restaurants. However, ladies and gents, please give your sweetie the opportunity to voice their opinions on the different holidays because you might be gypping yourself out of a wonderful day with your gal or guy!