Since January of 2017 I have been going through menopause.  The worst of the symptoms has been the hot flashes and night sweats, especially at night.

I was determined to find a cure.  No, there’s no cure!  We just have to wing it.

Winging it is not an option for me!  I need deliverance!

My first thought, run out and buy black cohosh.  I tried it for 2 months. The first month, nothing, nada, rein, nichts – no matter what language – nothing.  Month 2 comes along, and wow, more energy, hot flashes – are they there? What’s going on?  Then month 3, back to the start, nothing, nada, rein, nichts.  Okay, it’s not for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not for you!

Then, I start researching for the obvious — a cure.

Mayo Clinic/WebMD cure: nothing that is not common sense, but one thing I will not have is hormone therapy.  Both websites offer exercise as a way to alleviate the symptoms.  So, I head back to the gym and start running like crazy, lost a couple of pounds, my knees started hurting again.  I hate the gym, it’s so claustrophobic!  I’m a wimp and will not go running in the cold!  The alternative, I started walking a mile to the train, I didn’t feel any different or saw a difference in my clothing.  Did you know one of the side effects of menopause is weight gain? Bastards! SMH!

Then, I start researching for the obvious — a cure.

I came across several websites with promises of relief, but further research showed they were lacking in their promises.  I found some woman who claimed that Vitamin E did the job, so I started taking Vitamin E every night before I went to bed.  There was no telling of anything.  Then one day I came across some other website that claimed it was Vitamin C that did the job!  Well, I started taking Vitamin C.  I have to tell you, the Vitamin C helped my mood.  I felt a bit happier.  Then I started taking the Vitamin C along with the Vitamin E, a cocktail, and during the evening I noticed, coupled with exercising, I felt a bit better.


That feeling ended, and the hot flashes/night sweats returned.

Circling back to the Mayo Clinic/WebMD, they both listed stopping smoking can also alleviate menopause symptoms.  They do not indicate what symptoms.  However, as a light smoker, I experimented with the smoking and realized that on the weeks that I did not smoke, I do not suffer from the hot flashes/night sweats as intensely.

Another recent development, is that I am on the Whole30 diet.  Which is a diet that becomes a way of life after a while.  You have a plethora of foods to eat, with meats, veggies and fruits, oh, no alcohol.  No dairy or grains.  I have lost weight on it, but not fast weight, which is good.  I have also developed extra energy, which one blogger refers to as tiger blood.  The Whole30 diet is not a gimmick and has foods that you can really eat and if you want to experiment with the allowed foods, go for it!

Recently, actually one (1), yes one day, I was off the Whole30 and was not concerned about the foods I ate and had a glass of wine, and dessert.  The next two days I got hot flashes and night sweats.

So, my bottom line is, for me, my worst symptoms are the hot flashes and night sweats, however coupled with exercise three (3) days a week, and the Whole30 diet, I’ve found a fix for now!

*This is not meant to be medical advise, just food for thought.