This is a little late, I wanted to get it out during the Valentine’s sensation, but I got behind.  (Be nice Russell!)

Ever notice how many sales there are, I mean come on Macy’s got the corner on the Wednesday sales; and every other store has it on the weekends.

Probably Christmas and Valentine’s, especially the phenomenal sales of Black Friday (Thanksgiving weekend – just for you non shoppers).  But wait it doesn’t stop there, with the invention of internet shopping, after Black Friday there is the one and only CYBER MONDAY sales! Those are the leading sales, at least in America, maybe elsewhere too!

But, where are the Rosh Hashanah sales, or the Yom Kippur sales, hey anyone ever noticed a Ramadan sale?  I haven’t seen one Diwali sale either!

Why is it that only the Presidents get sales, or the Christian holidays?  Come on don’t people get gifts during the eight days of Chanukah?  Really – there’s no market for gift giving on that one?  Traditionally, aren’t kids supposed to get gifts for each day of Chanukah and then there’s one big gift?

There’s an Easter sale – gotta get those hats folks!

Seriously, Easter isn’t a gift giving day, nor is President’s Day so why the big sales?  Commercialism?

Does that mean that Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur Ramadan and Diwali aren’t big commercial holidays?

Why have certain holidays been diminished to just sale days instead of the traditional honoring of the holiday?

What’s wrong with this picture folks; when buying is more celebrated than the tradition?

Oh, yes, you are buying yourself a gift the big flat screen TV, because Santa can’t get it for you, nor can the Easter Bunny – hmmm.

Well, my birthday is October 15th  — where’s my sale day?

Holidays should not be celebrated by how much one can purchase, it should be celebrated by your faith, the tradition and the meaning of it – not by the dollar.

Valentine’s is a big SALE time – it has been demoralized by the greed of the companies, and for that matter, so are the other holidays.  Seriously, it’s never too late to write about the greed of companies to line their pockets with gold at the expense of the populace.

It’s just darn wrong!

So folks, next time on Valentine’s Day or any other big time celebrated holiday, why not make your loved one a gift, a card, something from your heart instead of your pocket.  It will make for a sweeter Valentine.