How many times have we said “I never really liked” a particular person or persons?  The strange thing is the illusion of assuming that we are liked and the other person isn’t.  Ego.

 Yes folks our Ego keeps us thinking that we are liked.

 This isn’t about the Ego.

 The one realistic truth is that it is harder to like someone than to love them.

 It’s hard to find someone that we like all of their traits.  Of course, like any relationship, there is a honeymoon phase; however, after spending lots of time within the relationship we find that there are some characteristics that just don’t appeal to us; or isn’t our mirror image (Ego). 

 Quite frankly, we all overlook our own faults; which make us seem perfect in our rosy colored eyes.

 Yet, we  might dislike someone but love them to death; they are the most incredible creatures we’ve met, but there’s still a thingy that doesn’t sit well within our own personality about theirs, and it’s okay, because we love them.

 Eventually, with the dislike of a person, we ease way from them, in little circular movements – we eventually spiral out of their lives.

 Wait, but what about our family – do we spiral out of their lives too?

 Yes, we do.  It’s not as obvious, but eventually, we start having less and less interaction with them.  It’s a little hard with siblings and parents, but it’s done.  The crazy thing is we don’t like to tell our family what it is about them that annoys us. 

I remember a conversation with my brother and he was referring to one of our siblings.  He said he was just fed-up and he was a grown man and would say and do as he chose because at his age, he was tired of trying to make everyone happy and if they didn’t like it f-them!  This sibling like the rest of us, is controlling and would like things her way; but the reality is – no.  You know what, my brother and sister love each other terribly and they would jump in front of a bullet for each other.  My brother lives in the outer area of New Jersey far away from the rest of the family in Brooklyn.  We rarely see him and he has spiraled out of our lives, but still circles around because of our mother.  Eventually, I am sure it will get less frequent; that’s the reality.

 Never really liking someone is not a problem, because we don’t have to completely disregard them if they are important in our lives.  What we learn is that in all relationships, we grow and move on.  We will meet people or family members that don’t really have traits that appeal to us; so we take the higher road, look beyond and realize even we have faults that aren’t liked by many; but at least we will always be loved.