New Year’s resolutions are always stressful; especially when people ask, “What is your NYR?”  (voice of one of the lollipop twins) We feel pressured to say what they are or even if we have them.

 Here are a few that are worthwhile.

Complete.  I want to complete all my projects and promises, even the little ones for myself and others; I believe it will make me feel accomplished.

Peace.  I want peace; and have decided that I will attempt not to stress about the things I can’t change, but allow God and the Universe to work the magic for me; and it will be hard, but I will try to accomplish peace.

Smile.  I will make an effort to smile more, especially at strangers – it will help keep the wrinkles down!

Touch.  I will try to keep in touch with my family and friends, especially those that have slipped my mind – a simple email, text or call can bring a smile to us all; and it will be a worthwhile accomplishment to my life – getting in touch with others.

Share.  I will try to share as much as I can with family and friends, whether it is personal happiness or sadness, because we all need a shoulder to dance on or sit and hang our heads.

Breathe.  I will try to stand still and breathe in deeply and not hold my breath or until I’m blue; but exhale at all times!!

I want to be completely peaceful and share a smile, or  touch someone’s heart and breathe a little this new year!