I seem to recall using rubbers at a very early age, however, not really liking it.  My mother would make me wear them, and while all the other kids wore them, I still didn’t like them.  Thank goodness it was short lived!

In the last couple of years, rubbers have made a comeback and everybody and their mother has a them!  It’s so trendy!!

They no longer look plain and yellow.  They are blue, green, stripped, bustling with flowers, and ducks, florescent orange, fur lined, laces and zips!

Winter is ending and I have to, with regret, put my favorite winter boots away – it saddens me.  I have switched into my regular leather, waterproof boots.  Damn!  I’m tired of wearing boots up to my neck!  So I decided, I’ll look for booties.  For those of you not familiar with the term “booties” they are boots that top off at the ankle.

Those of you who know me well, knows I don’t go shopping, however, I’m an online shopper!

So I venture off into cyberspace to my favorite shoe site Zappos.  I start looking through the boots.  I came across a really cute pair of boots, they were rubbers.  Nope, but then again, let me take a look, maybe, just maybe.  HECK NO!!!!!

These new fangled rubber boots start at $56 bucks!  As I scrolled through, I came across, La Canadienne for $136Marc Jacob rubbers for $150, Hunter (what on earth is Hunter?) it’s still $150, Burberry for checks, $195;, then the most expensive on the site was Marvin K going for a mere $298.  What the hell is wrong with this picture?

It’s rubber and take away the cute designs and stuff, it’s still rubber.  Are you people mad?  It’s  bloody rubber boots!!!!  These companies are out of their mind!  Those who are even more so insane are the people purchasing rubber boots at these prices – it’s irrational!!!

I’m now in my later years, and while I thought it would be practical, with these prices, I still don’t like rubbers!